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Barbara Cargill, District 8
Chair, State Board of Education

  • What Barbara Has Supported here
  • Governor Perry's Message here

THE CARGILL CONNECTION, February 2013 here

Here are some issues Barbara Cargill has supported and voted for:

  • Emphasis on grammar, phonics, handwriting, spelling, and composition skills as well as a focus on serious literature in English classes,

  • A curriculum that teaches the fundamental skills of mathematics like memorizing the multiplication/division tables and discouraging the use of calculators in elementary school,

  • History curriculum standards that emphasize patriotism, the free enterprise system, our Founding Fathers, founding documents like the U.S. Constitution and Declaration of Independence, and American exceptionalism, (See link to "Social Studies TEKS Fact Sheet" on left),

  • History textbooks that do not contain anti-Christian / pro-Islam bias, (See link to the SBOE Resolution on left.)

  • Health textbooks that are pro-life, that uphold traditional definitions of marriage and family and abstinence-based sex education,

  • Parents have the authority over their child's education, not the government,

  • The English language must be a major focus in our schools for all children,

  • Science textbooks that encourage students to think, ask, and predict, have increased lab time, and that present evolution as a theory, not as fact.

If you want these things for your children, then re-elect Barbara Cargill!

Message from Texas' Governor Rick Perry